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Student name: Miquel Tomás
Home country: Spain
Profession: Masters student
Course: Octorial IELTS exam preparation
Course dates: May 2015 – June 2015

Miquel Tomás has just started his Masters Degree in Sports Coaching at Loughborough University in the UK, after studying his first degree in his native country, Spain. Here he tells us why learning English has played such an important role in his life.

I started coming to Harven in 2002, following my sister.

It’s a funny story how we started: my neighbours where I used to spend my summer holidays in Spain were from Staines (a few miles from Woking) and they suggested that my parents send my sister, to practise all the English she had learned during the year at an English academy in Spain (like I did at the time).

I guess that our improvement year by year kept on making us want to come back there, the atmosphere was unreal every summer and you meet amazing people as well!

Learning English since I was 7 was a big game changer.

Coming to Harven for 7 years in a row (2002-2009) made me improve a lot and maybe have a 3-4 year advantage compared to my classmates. For example, I used to have a 90% score at the end of the year in both primary school and high school. Therefore, I guess that it was easier for me to do the exams as I could perfectly understand what the questions meant.

Later it was a big help when I went on Erasmus exchange studies too as it took me less time to get used to the regional English accent, and understand every lesson at the university.

Getting a good grade in IELTS for my Masters course has been a great success for me.

I needed a 6.5 overall in IELTS to get into my Masters course at university in the UK. I came back to Harven to work on this. I started in group classes but changed to having more 1-1 lessons. Me and my tutor really focused on writing as that was my weakest point so I wrote 2-3 essays per week, got feedback, improved them. Timed practice was also useful. I got the grade I needed and was delighted.

Learning English has opened so many doors to me in the last couple of years.

I am already thinking of starting my life abroad, although I would like to come back to Spain one day.

English summer schools are a good way to meet people around the world and seeing their culture, as well as learning English and practise it. I would never change my time in Harven, I owe them a lot for all the years spent there. I am finally about to start my MSc in Sports Coaching (September 2015).

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