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Student name: Alice Carancini
Home country: Italy
Profession: Masters student
Course: Octorial Programme
Course dates: 11th – 23rd October 2015

Alice Carancini completed her undergraduate degree in Italy in Biomolecular Biotechnology. Starting in January 2016, she will be continuing her studies in this field with a Masters in Biotechnology in the Netherlands.

The most valuable class for me is in the afternoon.

At this time I’m alone with my tutor and we can focus on my writing. This is more important for me to do better in the test. But the lesson I enjoy the most is the morning plenary when we discuss an issue, for example what’s happening in the world. Yesterday, we had news about the bleaching of the coral reef and as a biologist, I really enjoyed this, and got to know something more about the topic.

I am studying English because I want to study in the Netherlands.

I graduated last July in Biomolecular Biotechnology in Italy but I’m going to continue my studies abroad in the Netherlands, as this particular country is a leader in my field. I have to improve my English and do the TOEFL test with a better result to be able to go to that university. I really like this field of genetic engineering and I want to continue in this direction.

The Masters is for two years.

The first year is one pathway with lots of fields. For the second, every student will have to choose which field they want to do. There is plant technology, food technology, medical technology, cosmetic or energy technology. Maybe I’ll choose food technology or pharmaceutical technology – or something like that!

I’m here for 2 weeks.

I know it’s a very short time but I have to go home and help my parents in their office, so it’s the time I have. For sure I’ll take away a bigger dictionary from my time here – more vocabulary, and lots of English words that I never knew before. But the aspect I prefer is knowing people from other countries, what they do, and their culture.

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