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Monday - Tour of Woking town centre

Join the walking tour tonexplore the town centre of Woking. Home to just over 90,000 people, Woking has a lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Tuesday - free time

Students are free to socialise in school until the end of the school day

Wednesday - Visit to the local Arts Centre

Visit to The Lightbox gallery: a gallery and museum which includes works by Auguste Renoir and Damien Hirst. The museum is also an excellent place to find out about the history of the city.

Thursday - cinema

An early evening trip to the cinema

Friday - Free time

Free time to explore Woking and its surrounding areas.

Saturday - suggested excursion: a day trip to Oxford

Oxford is located just under 2 hours away from Woking, and is a city rich in cultural and historical heritage. Visitors can spend the day exploring Oxford University's many colleges, hire a punt and sail down the river Cherwell and visit the museums and galleries.

Sunday - Free time

Free time to explore Woking and the surrounding areas.