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Harven School of English Renovations

posted on Wednesday 9th January

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We are transforming the school into a contemporary, purpose-designed education space.  We will re-open in early 2019.  For more information follow us on social media or phone: 07876 144570.

Chapter One: Before The Work Begins

Harven-Renovations-01 Harven-Renovations-02 Harven-Renovations-06 Harven-Renovations-05 Harven-Renovations-04 Harven-Renovations-03

Chapter Two: Architects’ Drawings

Harven-Renovations-07 Harven-Renovations-08 Harven-Renovations-09 Harven-Renovations-10 Harven-Renovations-11 Harven-Renovations-12 Harven-Renovations-13 Harven-Renovations-14

Chapter Three: The Work Begins

Harven-Renovations-15 Harven-Renovations-16 Harven-Renovations-17 Harven-Renovations-19 Harven-Renovations-24 Harven-Renovations-20 Harven-Renovations-18 Harven-Renovations-23 Harven-Renovations-22 Harven-Renovations-21