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Harven School of English Refurbishment

posted on Thursday 1st August

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Harven School of English has recently been refurbished into a modern, purpose designed learning space, and students are making the most of the new facilities. The new school contains spacious and elegant classrooms, breakout areas for students to work independently and on team projects, and inviting common areas for socialising after classes.

The classrooms have been transformed into modern and elegant learning spaces, creating a spacious, bright and airy environment which is conducive to study.

We have refurbished our breakout areas, which include IT facilities, for students to undertake any work which they need to outside of the classroom, and students are invited to use the school space for independent work and group project work.

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A sense of community is important to Harven School of English and students are encouraged to use the school space to socialise and use their English in natural scenarios. We have created comfortable and inviting areas for students to spend their break and lunch times alongside their teachers. After classes are over many students also choose to spend their evenings enjoying the school’s facilities, whether studying in the library, or relaxing and socialising with their teachers and classmates in the garden and common areas.

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To see more of the new school please watch the video below, or contact us if you would like to arrange a visit.