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One-to-One Lessons

One-to-one lessons offer you a programme which is designed precisely to your own unique requirements. In this way, you make the maximum possible progress because the teacher is able to focus on your needs and your personal learning style in every lesson. Throughout the day, you can supplement your lessons with self-study in our quiet areas or self-access centre. This helps consolidate the work done during lessons.

Individually focused learning

  • The course content is tailored to your academic or professional objectives.
  • Special attention is paid to your individual areas of interest and learning style.
  • You use the time efficiently, concentrating on what is of highest personal priority.
  • Tutor and student work on a personal action plan.

Areas of specialisation

  • Areas of professional specialisation include: Medicine, Law, Finance, and Engineering.
  • Areas of academic specialisation include: exam preparation and university entrance preparation.

Course information

  • You can start your course on any Monday throughout the year (arrival on the Sunday before).
  • All lessons are of 60 minutes duration.
  • Two cultural activities are included in the course fees each week.

How do I enrol for One-To-One Lessons?

To find out more about our One-To-One Lessons or enrol for tuition, please visit our Contact area, where you can Make An Enquiry, Ask For A Call Back or fill out an Enrolment Form.