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The students who are studying English with us are dedicated in their pursuit of learning the English language in order to fulfil their individual ambitions, either academic or professional.

Harven School of English currently offers the following courses:

Why are Harven School of English Language courses different?

Our school fosters an environment that challenges students to examine material critically and discuss new ideas, promoting the development of each student’s personal intelligences.

The small class sizes (maximum of 8) allow each student’s requirements to be considered, ¬†ensuring all can realise their maximum potential. It also creates a collaborative training environment with constant proximity to tutors, and allows us to focus on each student’s own intelligences and give extra coaching where needed.

Therefore, the unique advantage of the courses is that they offer a high level of individual attention, with a wide mix of team work training and mentored, independent learning sessions.

The school environment readily promotes discussion and inquiry, which stimulates critical thinking and illumninates ideas.

Our courses garuantee to deliver a depth of language skills and a breadth of cultural awareness that gives you a cosmopolitan perspective and a natural flair for connectivity.

How will the course help me improve my English?

Our courses will increase your effectiveness in English by giving you a depth of language knowledge, an elevated level of confidence and fluency and a breadth of cultural awareness.

You will gain the confidence to use English naturally and effortlessly which will make you comfortable in either academic or professional situations which demand the use of English.

You will develop techniques to create clear arguments in both written and spoken English and to communicate your message with impact.

Students graduate from Harven School of English with a broadened world view alongside their new language skills and academic success.

How do I enrol for a course at Harven School of English?

To find out more about our courses at Harven or enrol for one, please visit our Contact page, where you can Make An Enquiry, Ask For A Call Back or fill out an Enrolment Form.

You can also contact us by phone: 01483 770969 or email: