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The Benefits Of Small Class Size On Your Intensive English Language Course

posted on Friday 29th March

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When choosing an English language school, there are many aspects to consider: location, fees, course duration, quality of teaching, cultural programme and what the surrounding area has to offer. However, one thing that is often overlooked by prospective students in their decision-making process is the size of classes.

Here at Harven, we pride ourselves on providing courses with no more than 8 students in the classroom at one time. But why is this so important? and how can it help you excel in your learning and lead to better exam performance? We outline 10 reasons why Harven’s small class sizes translate to great results for our students.

#1 Learn faster

Research has shown that not only do students learn more in smaller classes, but they learn the set material more quickly too. This means that the whole class progresses through the course at a faster rate, and you will develop confidence by being able to ask and answer questions easily and share your opinions.

#2 Better results

As well as enhanced learning, there is also a vast amount of research that proves students who are part of a smaller class are much more likely to achieve higher marks in their exams. Now what student doesn’t want that?

#3 More one-on-one time

With such a small number of people in the classroom at Harven, it stands to reason that you will have much more individual face time than if you were in a larger class of 30 or so. This means you can receive your mentor’s customised, and undivided attention, allowing you to learn and practice your English as much as possible in class.

With this increased level of attention, our teachers can also more successfully relate to and instruct the students under their tuition.

#4 Greater feedback

Teachers have more time to personalise their comments, ensuring that you understand the material, and get the help you need to reach your full potential. So, if students care what their teacher thinks of their performance, they will want to produce better work.

#5 A learning-focused environment

With a limited number of students in front of them, our teachers can spend more time teaching the material, and less time worrying about those who are distracted or need more attention. This translates to more engagement, as teachers can cater to students’ different learning styles.

#6 More opportunities to participate

A small group means fewer voices, which provides students with more chances to speak up and contribute to the class. Students at Harven can apply their knowledge, participate in discussions and offer their opinions more readily than they would be able to as part of a larger group.

#7 Shared ideas

With more opportunities to make your voice heard in the classroom and share your thoughts, this increased communication with your teacher and those around you will enrich your education, whether you’re from overseas or the UK.

#8 Building a community

If there are fewer people in a class, individuals have a better chance of connecting with their peers and forming friendships for life. This will help you become more confidant and relaxed about sharing ideas and perspectives. At an international English language school such as Harven, students can broaden their horizons by meeting classmates who are from a wide range of different countries and cultures.

#9 Get noticed

Being part of a small class means there’s nowhere to hide. Sounds like a bad thing? No – it just means you won’t get left behind and will be encouraged to take part and contribute your own opinions.

#10 Teachers can teach

A small class allows the teacher to make a good assessment of all their students as individuals, as well as the whole group. A more productive, and manageable environment for the teachers means they are positive and can do their job to the best of their ability.

Think our small class sizes sound great? Then why not contact us today to find out more about our English language courses and what we have to offer students at Harven.